Find everything for your home and garden in Horsens

In Horsens, you will find many interesting shops where you can find furniture or decorative arts and crafts for your home. We guide you to shopping experiences with focus on home and garden. 

Find inspiration for your decoration – both interior and exterior

Cultural life in Horsens is flourishing and with several galleries and museums on hand, one can easily be inspired to make one’s own home more vibrant and exciting.

Fortunately, there is a wealth of businesses in the city whose trade is interior decoration.

You may also have tired of your chipped coffee cups which have been dropped innumerable times or the old hand-mixer that only works every other time you need it. In Horsens, you can find everything from kitchen equipment over tableware to decorative items in the city’s homeware shops.

Are pillows or plaids more your thing, and what you are looking for? Let yourself be inspired in the city’s furniture shops. Here, you can buy design classics for your home or perhaps the latest in furniture design.

In other words, the city offers up a wealth of shops and businesses that can lend new lustre to your home, whether you are looking to make small or big changes to it.

Visit these shops

Ægget stolen og andre dansk designede møbler hos Jacobsen Plus i Horsens

Jacobsen Plus

Jacobsen Plus is one of Denmark’s largest interior design and furniture stores, where new and classic designs meet.We invite you to visit the store, where you will find great designs from Børge Mogensen, Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl, Hans J. Wegner and Poul Henningsen. The large selection of design furniture, lighting and interior designs offer you the inspiration you need to decorate your home in style. 

Spejl i butikken hos Møllebo Antik ved Sondrup

Møllebo Antik

Møllebo Antik is the largest antique shop in East Jutland, located in scenic surroundings. Here, you will find arts and crafts for your home as well as old, restored furniture.

Blindes Arbejde

At the heart of the Horsens Latin Quarter, you find this gem of a shop where blind and partially sighted people produce brushes and baskets made from good quality natural products. Support a good cause.


The home of this charming farm shop is the small village of Dørup near Mossø. The shop specialises in arts and crafts that suit all tastes. Jewellery, tablecloths, clothes, wine, towels, candles, glassware, cups, bowls, baskets – you can find it all at SOFI. If you need the perfect present for your friend or lovely delicacies, you can also find these here.

Supper fra Sdr. Vissing Torvehal

Sdr. Vissing Torvehal

In the village of Sdr. Vissing, this modern farm shop has a wide selection of specialty goods and delicacies. Moreover, you can find art, candles, ceramics, jewellery and floral bouquets. We also recommend enjoying a meal at the café in Torvehallen.

Facaden og parkeringspladsen hos Blå Kors Genbrugscenter i Horsens

Blue Cross Second Hand Centre

This is Denmark’s largest second-hand shop, covering 6,800 square metres. In a second-hand Mecca of this size, you can obviously also find inspiration for the interior decoration of your home. An entire floor is thus dedicated to furniture, hardware, kitchen utensils, lamps, electronics and other furnishings for your home. You can hardly avoid making a good bargain here.

Facaden på shoppingcentret bytorvHORSENS i Horsens


The shopping centre of the city has a varied selection of shops. You can find hardware stores selling high-quality design, decorative items and kitchen utensils for your home. When visiting bytorvHorsens, you can also enjoy a meal in one of the lovely cafés, let the children loose in the playroom or participate in one of the many events.

Other stores

  • Botex
  • Danbo møbler
  • Imerco
  • Kop & Kande
  • Møblér
  • Sinnerup
  • Søstrene Grene

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Supper fra Sdr. Vissing Torvehal
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