Farm shops and specialty shops

Photo: Sdr. Vissing Torvehal

Explore the many specialty shops and farm shops in Horsens where you find locally produced foods and bargains for your interior decoration. 

Great culinary experiences and unique products

At the centre of Horsens, you find specialty shops with exciting, high-quality products. And outside the city limits, locally produced, top-notch foods will make your mouth water. 

Take home some inspiration

Are you looking for delicious vegetables and fruits, wine, spirits or maybe arts and crafts? You will find it in Horsens.


Also visit these gems

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  • Holte vinlager
  • Midtjysk Blomstermarked
  • Mokka T
  • Tromborg Blomster
  • Vinspecialisten

Food map: Explore local farm shops and foods

Photo: David Jervidal