Beauty and wellbeing

Photo: Hotel Opus

In Horsens, we are good at relaxing. A large number of shops with beauty products and providing advice on self-indulgence makes it easy to slow down and do something good for yourself.

Time for wellness and self-indulgence

Horsens is full of beautiful nature which motivates to long walks and cycling in the woods or sailing on the river Gudenåen while feeling the warmth of the sun on your back and enjoying getting a bit of a tan.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the sun will be shining and so, in some cases, you may need other things that produce the same sense of well-being.

For some, a lovely long bath in the tub may do the trick while others prefer care series that cleanse and smooth the skin.

There is a range of Horsens shops that can help you on your way to self-indulge.

Maybe you defy the weather and still go out in the rain, the cold and the wind. However, it may be hard on your skin and hair and, therefore, it may be an idea to stock up on the most necessary products that can hold off the worst signs of wear and tear.

You can also find dietary supplements and such in the shops that help to make you feel comfortable inside all year round.

Select shops

  • Helsam
  • Matas
  • Park by Hair Concept
  • Somé Hair and makeup art
  • The Body Shop