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Welcome to the Coastal Land

The Coastal Land (Kystlandet) is a new holiday destination in the heart of Denmark that unites VisitOdder, VisitHorsens and VisitJuelsminde. Here, you'll find big experiences and small adventures, you can get your heart rate up or really unwind.

Enjoy the calming stream of the river Gudenå, let your family lose on the child-friendly beaches, visit the cute islands or one of the area's prizewinning museums or just enjoy some peace and quiet while hiking, biking or canoing in the beautiful nature. 

You'll find all of this in the travel guide - and hence, also in the Coastal Land. But actually, we always say that the best experiences can be found when meeting the locals, who really love this area just as much as the visitors who keep coming back. 

The coast is clear, and you set the course. Enjoy your stay!