Luftfoto af Horsens Centrum og Havn


Close to everything – at the centre of Danmark

Horsens is located so close to the centre of Danmark that going on a day trip to or from the city is easy – regardless of where you want to go. The infrastructure is excellent with a motorway and direct trains to larger cities.

Right next to the motorway

The East Jutland Motorway E45 passes Horsens. With all of four exits and good approach roads, getting here could not be easier. 
You can keep yourself updated on the current traffic situation via the website of Vejdirektoratet, the Danish Road Directorate

Travelling by train to anywhere in the country 

The DSB express trains stop in Horsens and take you to the larger cities in Denmark without you having to change trains. There are also regional trains to Aarhus, Esbjerg and Flensborg. 

The Horsens railway station is located near the city centre, a mere 300 metres from the pedestrian streets.

The railway station is located next to the bus terminal, Horsens Traffic terminal, where you can find transport to take you around the city and the surrounding area. 

Start your great adventures by bus

The busses and coaches of Midttrafik will take you to neighbouring cities, towns and villages in the area. You could e.g. go by bus if you want to catch the ferry in Snaptun or Hou. 

If you need transport to get around Horsens city, the city busses will take you to the various parts of town. There are 14 different routes which usually depart every half hour. will help you find your transport, departures and stops.

Close to international airports

There are four international airports within a short distance of Horsens. From all these airports, you can continue your journey to Horsens by bus or train. All these airports also offer car rentals. 

Distance to the airports from Horsens: 
Billund Airport: 53 kilometres
Aarhus Airport: 91 kilometres
Aalborg Airport: 170 kilometres
Copenhagen Airport: 212 kilometres

Catching the ferry to the East Jutland islands

Snaptun, which is located on the southern side of Horsens Fjord, is connected by ferry to both Endelave and Hjarnø. During the summer months, Alrø and Hjarnø are connected by a small bicycle ferry which makes it possible to either cycle or walk around Horsens Fjord.

The Endelave Ferry

NB: Tickets for all departures are free in the month of July 2020. The Endelave ferry is registered on the island of Endelave. It sails daily between Endelave and Snaptun ferry port. The sail is a big experience with the possibility to see porpoises and seals. It is therefore recomm...

The bicycle ferry Alrø-Hjarnø-Snaptun

NB: All departures of the bicycle ferry and the Hjarnø Ferry are free until September 30, 2020. When you book your ticket you pay a deposit that will be refunded when you show up at the ferry.   Get a scenic island experience on the inlet of Horsens Fjord. Try the charming bicycle-ferry...

Hjarnø Ferry

NB: Tickets for all departures are free in the month of July 2020. Visit the cozy island of Hjarnø with the small ferry that sails between Snaptun and Hjarnø. The ferry also transports cars. The trip only takes 5 minutes, and there are many daily departures. See the ferry schedu...