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Rentals in Horsens

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There is much to do around Horsens. Whether you want to travel by car, on bicycle, in a canoe or kayak or even on horseback, you can rent your means of transport here. 

Free bicycle rental in Horsens

In Horsens, you can borrow a bicycle without it costing you anything. At a number of the local attractions and places offering accommodation, you can borrow a city bike for a day. An easy way to get around if you want to explore the beautiful nature around the city.

You can borrow a bicycle for free here

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Experience Horsens Fjord and Gudenåen from the waterside

You find some of Denmark’s best areas for canoeing or kayaking around Horsens. Go up the most beautiful stretch of Gudenåen in a canoe or rent a sea kayak and explore one of Denmark’s most beautiful fjords.

Canoe rental at Gudenåcamping Brædstrup

Rent a canoe and explore the most beautiful part of the Gudenå river. A canoe expedition is an amazing nature experience loved by young and old. Im...

Bygholm Lake Camping Canoe rental

We rent canoes from 15 June to end of the season. A canoe is for 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults. Lifejacket included in the rental price. We have...

Canoe rental at Elite Camp Vestbirk

Experience the Gudenå River up close from a canoe. Elite Camp Vestbirk is located in the scenic nature near the Gudenå River and the river flows on...

Kayak rental at Horsens City Camping

Experience Horsens Fjord from the water while exercising! At Husodde Strand Camping, you can rent a sea kayak for either two hours, four hours or an e...

Enjoy nature from the back of a horse

There is something very special about riding through a landscape. You can ride Iceland ponies through the beautiful, hilly landscape north of Horsens at Fuglsang Rideture in Bakkelandet. And on the lovely island of Endelave you can enjoy the very special island atmosphere from a horse’s back with Turridning Endelave. 

Fuglsang Horseback Riding

Give everyday life a time out with an undisturbed and scenic tour on the back of an Icelandic horse.

Turridning Endelave - guided horseback riding tours

Experience the island of Endelave from the back of an Icelandic horse. We offer guided tours in beautiful untouched nature. The guided tours often lead to the large preserved nature area “øvre” (the tip of Endelave), and of course also along our lovely beaches. On many of the tours...

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