Yding Skovhøj – Denmark’s highest point

Horsens is located in one of the hilliest areas of Denmark and Denmark’s highest points are located near the city. You find Denmark’s highest point in the scenic area south of Mossø.

Here, you find idyllic little villages dotted between forest and farmland, connected by narrow winding roads in undulating countryside. The area is a good destination for a bicycle ride and you are guaranteed a sweaty brow.

One of the largest hilltops is Yding Skovhøj.

The top of Yding Skovhøj is located 172.54 metres above sea level. When you are on your bicycle, the incline of the hill is 85 meters from bottom to top but, if you want to go all the way to the top, you must jump off your iron horse and walk into Yding Forest. Here, you face a hefty but short climb to the top to Denmark's highest point.


Denmark’s highest point?

It has been widely discussed over the centuries. What is actually Denmark's highest point? Over time, several different points have held the title but, as the means of measurement have become more precise, it is now possible to measure heights down to a one-centimetre accuracy. So, today there should be no doubt, right?

In fact, discussions are still ongoing as to which hilltop should hold the honourable title. There are several hilltops in the uplands north of Horsens the height of which vary by only a few centimetres.

There are three Bronze Age burial mounds at the top of Yding Skovhøj. The top of the centre one measures 172.54 metres above sea level. This is more than 1 metre higher than Denmark’s second-highest point. Critics argue, however, that the Bronze Age burial mounds are man-made and, therefore, not natural. According to this approach, they should not be included in the measurement.

In that case, Yding Skovhøj is a mere 9 centimetres short of the title of the highest point of our kingdom. In other words, whether Yding Skovhøj deserves the honourable title is a subjective assessment.

What do you think?


Experiences nearby

Sukkertoppen is located not far from Yding Skovhøj. Sukkertoppen is a hill that - because of its height of a mere 105 metres - is dwarfed by Yding Skovhøj. However, the views are magnificent and among the absolute best in Denmark. From the top you have views of the most beautiful part of the Gudenå area which is the area around Mossø. At the base of Sukkertoppen, you find the idyllic Klostermølle which, besides the historic buildings – including Denmark's longest wooden building, has a nice camp site for canoers and a beautiful view of the end of Mossø.



Yding Skovhøj is included in the innovative game BestigBjerge which is about collecting codes found at the base and top, respectively, of a number of the highest points in Denmark.