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Kippervig 4

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Vor Frelsers Kirke is the oldest building in Horsens. Many things are uncertain concerning the construction of the church, but it is probably constructed about 1225 in romanesque style with choir and nave, maybe on the same spot where a wooden church was placed earlier. About 1350 at the latest the aisles and the tower are added. Not until 1418 the church, which seems to have been consecrated to Saint James, became parish church by agreement with the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, according to a papal letter. During the Protestant Reformation the church seems to have been ravaged by fire. Usually the church burned down with the town and has been an open ruin for several periods.
During the restoration 1935-36 the church was restored back to its original state at the end of the Middle Ages. The pulpit is the oldest and most valuable piece of furniture in the church. It was made in 1663-70.

The Parish clerk office in Kippervig is open Monday - Friday  9.00 - 13.00 o'clock. Thursday also 16.00 - 18.00 o'clock.

Sundays there is morning service at 10.00 o'clock. You can find additional services on Vor Frelsers Kirke Horsens (in danish)


Kippervig 4

8700 Horsens


Town church

Parish church

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