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Uldum Marsh - a cultural landscape

Traces of settlements from the Stone Age up until the present have been uncovered in the transition between the marsh and the surrounding farmland. The marsh was created by the overgrowth of a larger lake and the area has played a significant role as hunting grounds and a place of worship.

People from the Stone Age have left behind stone axes, flint blades and traces of settlements. Post holes for longhouses from the Bronze and Iron Ages have been uncovered in Hesselballe and Ølholm.

A possible sacrificial site from the Pre-Roman Iron Age with finds of pottery vessels and skeletons has also been discovered in the midst of Uldum Marsh.

The settlements developed into permanent villages with surrounding lands towards the Viking and Medieval ages.

The marsh constitutes a large coherent landscape area, but is spread over 10 land lots in six parishes, three shires and two former counties with natural streams as borders.

The marsh and streams have acted as a barrier for traffic through the countryside.

You had to go around the marsh and use crossing points south of the town of Tørring or Aastedbro.

In 2009 the Nature Agency under the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark completed a huge environmental project in Uldum Marsh in close cooperation with the landowners:

  • 27 hectares of tree growth was cleared in an area of 130 hectares in the central part of the marsh between Aale and Uldum.
  • To reduce nitrogen leaching to the river Gudenaa, lakes and areas that flood in winter have been established, approx. 135 hectares are covered.
  • Bridges have been built, pedestrian and bicycle paths established through the marsh, as well as a stopover for canoes, car parks, birdwatching towers, tables and benches.
  • The trails have been marked, information boards made available in the area and there is a small poster exhibition at Uldum birdwatching tower, as well as this leafle.




7171 Uldum


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Tables and benches

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