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Restaurant Pynten

Restaurant Pynten is located in scenic surroundings at Horsens Marina. Pynten serves delicious Danish dishes in the cosy historic restaurant with a view over Horsens Fjord. If you wish to enjoy a wonderful dinner with family or friends, or you need a cold ice-cream from the ice-cream parlour, then Pynten is the place for you.

Historic building – with the ocean in the background

Restaurant Pynten is located near the city beach Langelinie in Horsens – surrounded by Horsens Fjord and Horsens Marina with all the ships' masts and charming harbour ambiance.

There is always life and activity here regardless of the weather and you can follow that from Pynten’s large wooden deck with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or an Italian ice-cream at hand or maybe a delicious fish dish and a glass of cold white wine.


Traditional Danish cuisine á la carte

Pynten serves classic Danish dishes made from scratch with the best ingredients.

For lunch you can try the traditional open Danish sandwiches “smørrebrød” or the fish platter (on a slice of toast) 'shooting star' (Stjerneskud).

For dinner, try the Wienerschnitzel, the salmon tartare, the moules frites - or the delicious burger.

Restraurant Pynten has gluten-free and vegetarian options. 

See the restaurant's current menu at (in Danish).


Parties and events

Pynten offers to host your parties in beautiful historic rooms with a view of Horsens Fjord. They serve as many as 200 people, so regardless of whether you seek the perfect surroundings for a birthday party, wedding, memorial or something completely different, give them a call.

See our party menus at (In Danish).