Potatoes from Hjarnø

Near the sea on Hjarnø’s south-facing slopes, the underground tubers grow healthy and tasteful in the lush soil. Freshly dug – boiled with sea salt and a sprig of lovage – these potatoes have been a most wanted delicacy for generations.

The Jensen family’s lucky potatoes are dug up and transported every day of the season – including on Sundays – in order to meet the demands of local merchants and grocery stores, as well as several markets both on the Juelsminde peninsula and in Horsens.

You can always ask for freshly dug Hjarnø potatoes in your local grocery store. Please do not hesitate to contact Jens Jørren on 75 68 32 10 or 27 73 00 03 to get information on the nearest retailer.

You are also more than welcome to visit us at Hjarnø and enjoy the local “hygge”.