Organic farm sale from own vineyard and brewery at Brandbygegaard

Sparkling apple and grape wine, cider, port, beer, gin, vodka and eau de vie are some of the many different beverages being produced at the Vineyard Kvist & Vitus and Brandbygegaard Bryghus (brewery).

They produce wine from the grapes of more than 1000 vines, while cider and other wines are produced from the fruits of 2750 apple trees. The beer is brewed from the very best ingredients and in collaboration with a skilled distillery, they produce gin, vodka and eau de vie - including Grappa.

The production is kept small. All products are handcrafted and homemade.

All steps are taken with thorough circumspection and with an eye to the pure taste of the ingredients from which the product is made. Therefore no artificial additives, pesticides or fertiliser is involved in the production. Since 2016 Brandbygegaard has had the official Danish certification in organic production.

Wine production since 2016

The vineyard was laid out in 2004 on a sandy clay slope very close to the clean ground water. The location of the field close to the ocean but still in a distance away from the salty air gives the vines a perfect climate all year round.  

Opening hours

You can visit the farm sale at Brandbygegaard every Friday from 4pm till 6pm.