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Fish Species: Sea trout and garfish during the season; grey mullet summer und autumn; eel and flounder when the wind is in the east.

: The beach at Lerdrup (shallow) on the west side of the headland.
At the beach, it is approx. 4 km on foot along the beach.

: The use of waders is required. Anglers are advised to look over the location first at low water in order to spot the offshore bar and various other sites.

This site is well worth a visit with or without your fishing gear.


Gyllingnæs by the Manor

Fish species: Sea trout and garfish during the season; grey mullet in the summer

Parking: The beach at Lerdrup (shallow) on the west side of the headland. You must walk along the beach for 1.5-2 kilometres. 

Tips: Exciting fishing spot by Gyllingnæs Manor. You will be fishing on a series of gravel banks stretching 100 metres into the ocean. The results are best in the spring period, but you can get a catch at this fishing location all year. It is best at high tide, but it is easiest to orient oneself during low tide when you can see the top of the banks. 



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