GRUS (Coffee Shop & Culture)

GRUS is a casual sidewalk cafe, where cultural events and an electric atmosphere of entrepreneurs, startup employees and students, goes hand-in-hand with great coffee and delicious refreshments.

With a location near the train station, high street, and campus, cafe GRUS is the perfect place to sit back and take a break.   

"Hverdagskultur" at its best 

On Kongensgade, only a 5-minute walk from both Horsens Train Station and the shopping-street Søndergade, you'll find a heavy-weight in Horsens, in terms of offering "hverdagskultur" - a very special Danish phenomena, roughly translated to "week-day-culture". 

At cafe GRUS you'll be met by a bright, modern, and inviting environment with friendly, smiling staff, relaxing music, green plants, and unique decor. 

GRUS's mantra is that everyone is welcome. The cafe is visited by a range of groups such as students, mothers with babies, families, the self-employed, freelancers, seniors, artists, musicians - and tourists. 

Besides being a traditional coffee-shop and a cultural hot spot, GRUS also functions as an impromtu boutique for a varying selection of local designers and retailers. The art on the wall, the mug on the shelf, the plant on the table, the shopping bag dangling from the hanger - all can often be purchased by you, if you like it. Just ask the staff what's for sale, or check out some of the items on GRUS' instagram

Are you bringing your children? No problem!

At GRUS it's perfectly safe to park your pram outside and there's great changing-facilities, as well as cozy lounge area where you can comfortably feed your baby. Generally, GRUS makes it a top-priority to maintain a diverse and socially including environment, with great emphasis on LGBTQ+ positivity, sustainability, and diversity. 

Here, you'll be welcomed exactly as your are with open arms. 


Great coffee & light meals

No cafe, without coffee! At GRUS, the baristas are always ready to make your favorite hot drinks, whether you're into chailatte, cortado, or a classic 'cup of Joe'.

If you're looking for something refreshing, GRUS serves cold beverages of all sorts - such as home-made juice, ice latte, many kinds of sodas, and kombucha. Need a little spark in it? Then try a classic Danish bottled beer, one of the craft beers, a glass of wine, or maybe even a cocktail. 

Hungry? Choose between sweet snacks, ice cream, croissants, sandwiches, rolls and bread, or perhaps one of the lunch dishes.

Try GRUS' crisp Buddha bowl, avocado on rye bread, or a foccasia-sandwich with either salmon, serrano ham or mozzarella cheese.

Every meal is made from the best ingredients and all the bread is home-made. 

If you're an early bird, you can get the breakfast menu.    

Check out the cafe's menu and get a good look at the large selection of delicious drinks and meals. 


Cultural events

Every day something is happening at GRUS!

Design markets, creative workshops, talks, community-nights with specific themes, concerts, drama, beer- wine- and whisky tasting, spoken word, poetry slam and much, much more.

If you're lucky, you can experience some of the cafe's most popular events - Drag Queen Banko and Cheesecake & Bubbles (Danish slang for 'champagne'). However, remember to buy your ticket in advance as these events are often quickly sold out. 

What makes GRUS unique, is the opportunity to just drop in at the events. If you're enjoying a cup a coffee in the cafe, and something interesting is happening, your can often just join in - however, sometimes you'll need to pay an additional fee. Always ask the staff.

During the Danish spring/summer, where the weather is usually more warm and dry, several events are held outside the cafe at the sidewalk-area or in the Vitus Bering Park across the street. 

In GRUS' online calendar you can see the full program. Here you can also find  prices and book tickets if the event requires it. 


Ideal for the casual business meeting

Are you visiting Horsens with your firm or are you looking for a location for your workshop, then GRUS has the perfect settings for an informal and inspiring work space.

Find out more about the possibility to hold your business meeting at GRUS at the cafe's booking site.


Opening hours

GRUS is open Monday-Saturday.

At GRUS's webpage you can see the current opening hours


Begin your street art walk here

If you're going on the street art walk in Horsens, we recommend setting out from GRUS.

Horsens Art Museum and Horsens Municipality has made a street art map, with a full list of everything you can see on the walk.

Also, check out our Google map of all the art, culture, and events in Horsens.

Learn more about art and culture in Horsens - and get ready for a day full of impressions!

Get a latte and let's go!