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Fuglsang Horseback Riding

Get a wonderful horseback ride on a real Icelandic horse, through the beautiful hillside with an experienced guide and horses for riders of all levels. 

Jump in the saddle and experience the hilly countryside

Fuglsang, between Horsens and Silkeborg, lets you experience nature in its most authentic version. Embraced by hilly scenery and forests, you get a wonderful guided horseback ride on a real Icelandic horse. The only thing that disturbs your vista, is the ragged ears of your horse.

You quickly become familiar with the unusual movements and allow the senses to open. Because the hilly scenery is not only beautiful. With your undisturbed focus on the very moment, there is also room to notice the scent of the forest and the sound of the rhythmically clapping hooves in the gravel.

You don't need riding experience

Fuglsang Horseback Riding has horses for riders of all levels, whether you prefer a quiet, steady mate or a horse with more speed.

The horse is already saddled upon arrival. You get a riding helmet and they adjust the stirrups, so you are ready to experience the beautiful hillside. With an experienced guide, you can safely enjoy the ride in the saddle.

Horses and tours for all purposes

Horseback riding on Icelandic horses is a fun and different outdoor activity for the weekend, during your travels or as a midweek excursion. Read more about Fuglsang's horse rental at


  • 1 hour lead horseback riding for children up to 9 years old: 250 DKK (parents walk with the horse)
  • 1,25 hour horseback riding, including ascent and descent: 400 DKK (for riders with no experience, about 50 minutes on horseback, max 95 kg). From 7 years and up. 
  • 2 hours horseback riding, including ascent and descent: 500 DKK (some riding experience needed, gallop etc., about 1 ½ hours on horseback, max 90 kg) From 9 years and up. 
  • 8 hour day trip to The Uncovered Bridge: 1000 DKK + 150 DKK for riding license etc. (the tour is recommended for experienced riders as it is about 22 km long and the terrain is varied from forests to meadows and hills)



Overnight in cabin with kitchen, up to 6 beds and access to shower and toilet. There is 1 double room and 4 single beds. Arrival and departure are agreed before arrival.


Bed: 250 DKK per person

Linen: 50 DKK per person

Hay hotel for the horse

Fold for your horse: 50 DKK per night

Box for horse: contact Fuglsang Horseback Riding for a price

Purchase of wrap hay: according to agreement