Par fisker ved Gudenåen

Recreational fishing in Horsens

Where do you want to fish? In a lake, a stream, on the coast or on the sea? Everything in fishing is possible when you are in Horsens. Within a short distance, you can fish in Horsens Fjord, Kattegat, Gudenåen as well as several large lakes.

Catch an authentic nature experience

Horsens has one of Denmark’s most beautiful fjords with a twisted coastline, islands and entirely ideal conditions for recreational fishing.

Several creeks flow into the fjord where you can fish. Gudenåen also traverses the area, where many fishermen enjoy fishing in quiet nature.

Gudenåen is connected to several large lakes and a large stock of freshwater fish. 

In other words, there are very diverse fishing experiences to be had in the beautiful nature of the city’s backyard.  

Glæden ved at fiske

At få frisk luft i kinderne. Dufte naturen. Mærke freden, roen, lytte til vandets skulpen. Følge fiskene som svømmer rundt. Hilse på isfuglen, svanen og de andre fugle. Nyde træer, buske og blomster. Så bliver det ikke ret meget bedre. Sundt og livgivende for krop og sjæl.

Vi har alle behov for, også børnefamilierne, at komme ud i virkeligheden for at samle på oplevelser – og hvorfor ikke vælge den unikke og autentiske danske natur?

Pige sætter madding på krogen

Worth knowing about fishing

Is the fish on your hook too small for you to take it home? Through this conservation calculator you can check whether the fish should be returned to may be kept.
You can also view calendars for minimum measurements on the website of the Danish Fisheries Agency.

Effektlageret has all fishing tackle imaginable. Visit their shop at Høegh Guldbergsgade in Horsens or their web shop.

The national fishing license is administered by the Danish Fisheries Agency. On their website, you can buy the fishing licence which permits you to fish throughout the country. You can choose to buy a fishing licence for a day, a week or a whole year.

Do you know when you are allowed to catch the various fish? This calendar gives you an overview of when you have optimum conditions for catching the different species of fish.

Fishing licences

The national fishing license is mandatory and permits you to fish throughout Denmark. You can buy the national fishing license that permits you to fish for a day, a week or a whole year, on the website of the Danish Fisheries Agency, Fiskeristyrelsen. This fishing license is required whether you are fishing in the sea, on the coast or in streams. And whether you are fishing or catching crabs or shellfish. Everyone aged 18-65 must have a fishing license.

In addition, there are local fishing associations, each providing fishing waters in Denmark. Often, you need to buy a fishing license from the local fishing association which permits you to fish in a particular area.

In turn, the fishing association maintains the waters.

You can find information on where to fish and buy a fishing licence at