Kvinder løber i skoven ved Gudenåen

Orienteering in Horsens

Do you enjoy running and do you like a little friendly competition with your running mates when you are out? Then, orienteering in Horsens provides a good framework for a competition where you can challenge each other.

Get into running

Horsens has several very good orienteering routes.

Try orienteering in Åbjergskoven by Bygholm Lake or in the nearby Bygholm Park. It is a great way to challenge yourself and experience more than the established trails. 

On this page, Thomas Herbert Kokholm, Chairman of Horsens Orienteering Club, provides an introduction to orienteering.

Routes: Åbjergskoven

Cykling og løb på Peblingestien i Bygholm Park i Horsens

Routes: Bygholm Park

What is orienteering?

Where traditional races are often only a race against time, there are another two aspects to orienteering that make it more demanding: First, there is the challenge of finding the control points which something all participants have to do and, secondly, there is collecting the most points.

In other words, you need to have quick legs, a quick brain and be good at navigating under pressure.

During the race, you either ‘punch’ as many control points as possible within a certain time or run along a defined route and cut the control points in the correct order. Both provides the participants with the possibility of beating the others in the battle for time.

Get started with orienteering

You may be thinking: How could I get started with orienteering?

Moving your regular running exercise from country roads or neighbourhood paths to a nearby forest is actually easier than you might think.

In fact, it only requires two things.

1. Find a nearby forest where a number of permanent control points have already been set up.

In Horsens, obvious places to go orienteering include Åbjergskoven by Bygholm Lake or the nearby Bygholm Park.

On, you can find more than 250 forests, parks and historical sites where you can run. The control points are typically a red post or a natural feature.

Remember to keep your printed map in a plastic folder. A rain shower or just the damp of the forest may add an unintended extra dimension to the running experience if the paper crumbles.

2. Dress for the conditions

When running in the woods, your regular gear is appropriate. Depending on the weather, running shoes with a slightly deeper tread will also suffice. If the forest is wet and damp, the surface may well be slippery.

In that case you should run in trail shoes that have a slightly deeper tread. Add a compass if you want to be sure that you turn the map to the north.

Then, all that is left is sending a challenge to your friends – you are ready to hit the forest.


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