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Mountainbiking by the Bygholm lake in Horsens

Mountain-biking in Horsens

Choose an appropriate route

The landscape in and around Horsens has challenges for both newbies and practised bikers. You will find plenty of longer gravel roads and paths connecting the various nature areas. You can also choose to ride on MTB trails of varying technical difficulty in the forests surrounding the city.

One of Denmark’s best trails for mountain-biking

Are you up for greater challenges on your two-wheeler, then we have one of Denmark’s best mountain-bike trails south of Horsens in Bjerre Skov, where you will find that 12.5 km have been MTB-signposted with lots of hills and 400 vertical metres. 

You will find trails for both beginners and practised cyclists. The blue trail is approx. 7 km long and suitable for beginners, while the black trail is 10 km long and suitable for practiced cyclists.

The black track consists primarily of single-tracks and offers a lot of hills and steep descents whereas the blue track primarily follows wider forest trails.

However, the two paths often meet which is why several people of different levels can cycle together. The routes are well marked.

Mountainbike på sporet i Bjerre Skov ved Horsens

Video: Route in Bjerre Forest

To kører på mountainbike nær Gudenåen

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Åbjergskoven and Bygholm Lake

If you are fine with smaller hills, we recommend trying the mountain bike trail in Åbjerg Forest around Bygholm Lake.
The 10-kilometre-long route starts at the north-western corner of the lake on the gravel road leading to Aarupgaard.
From the starting point, you can drive one-way, clockwise around the lake.

Also, try your hand at the newly established Gedved Bikepark just north of the Horsens city limit. Here, you will find, amongst others, a 125 m pump track and a 600 m serpentine track with 5 large berms.

Getting going with mountain-biking

If you want to try mountain-biking, it may be a good idea to contact your local mountain bike club.

The club can help you with the safety aspect and they can help you train techniques, so you are well-prepared to tear through the landscape.

You can also go on trips suitable for your level to ensure that you have good experiences on the bike.

In a club, you can become part of a community with lots of other happy bikers with whom you can share routes and experience. You can learn from others and develop faster.

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