Mand står ved sø og fisker og kaster snøren ud

Lake fishing in and around Horsens

Lake fishing is popular in Horsens where fishermen tend to go for pikes, zander and perch. What do you like to catch? There are many lakes in the area around Horsens which welcomes fishermen with their surrounding idyllic nature.

Swing your fishing rod by a lake

Whether you fish from your rowing boat or from the shore of the lake in a forest, fishing in the local lakes is an absorbing, quiet and relaxing experience. Here, you can really relax – surrounded by nature. The lakes are full of life and various species of fish. This page gives you an overview of the best local, natural fishing lakes.

Put & take - hygge for hele familien

I områdets put & take søer bliver der dagligt sat nye fisk i. Et af landets bedste put & take-centre finder du ganske nær Horsens. Med hele fem søer er der gode chancer for fangst. Det er et godt sted at stifte kendskab til fiskeri - ikke mindst for familiens mindste, der kan prøve kræfter med børnesøen.  

Luftfoto fra Hedensted Put & Take med lystfiskere og springvand

Hedensted Put & Take

The Vestbirk Lakes

Close to The Uncovered Bridge are the lakes Vestbirksøerne including Vestbirk Lake, Naldal Lake and Bredvad Lake. The three lakes have excellent fishing and it is possible to catch both pike, perch, eel, burbot, bream and roaches.
The lakes are beautifully located and provide a good starting point for a fishing trip. At Elite Camp Vestbirk it is possible to buy day licences and week licences for fishing on the lakes.

Familie på fire står ved Gudenåen og fisker

The lake Mossø

Mossø is located a little north of Horsens; it is Denmark’s fourth largest lake and part of Gudenåen.

Mossø is known for its large stock of fish. In fact, there are 19 species of fish which is the largest stock of species in any Danish lake. Fishing is prohibited in most of Mossø but coastal fishing or fishing from a boat is permitted at several places on the west and east side of the long lake. Silkeborg Fiskeriforening enjoys the fishing rights to Mossø.

Bygholm Lake

Located not far from Horsens city centre, Bygholm Lake is a popular destination for joggers and hikers. The lake is located in wooded terrain with rich wildlife both above and below water level.

The artificially landscaped lake offers pike and perch but it is primarily the large stock of zander which gives the lake a special place in the hearts of fishermen.

Bygholm Lystfisker- og Baadejerforening enjoy the fishing rights to Bygholm Sø and a day licence may be purchased for DKK 20. It can be purchased from Bygholm Sø Camping and from Effektlageret.

Also try fishing in the scenic Elverdam in Bjerre Skov. No local fishing licence is required – only the national fishing licence.

Good to know about lake fishing

The national fishing license is administered by the Danish Fisheries Agency. On their website, you can buy the fishing licence which permits you to fish throughout the country. You can choose to buy a fishing licence for a day, a week or a whole year.

Most fishing lakes are affiliated with a local fishing association that has the right to fish there. Some fishing associations require membership, while others sell fishing licenses that provide temporary permission to fish. In return, the fishing association maintains the lake. 

The lakes in the Vestbirk area: Brædstrup og Omegns Sportsfiskerforening (purchase a fishing licence from Elite Camp Vestbirk).

Lake Mossø: Primarily Silkeborg Fiskeriforening (purchase a fishing licence through their website).

Bygholm Lake: Bygholm Lystfisker- og Baadejerforening (purchase a fishing licence from Bygholm Lake Camping).

Is the fish on your hook too small for you to take it home? Through this conservation calculator you can check whether the fish should be returned to may be kept.
You can also view calendars for minimum measurements on the website of the Danish Fisheries Agency.

Effektlageret has all fishing tackle imaginable. Visit their shop at Høegh Guldbergsgade in Horsens or their web shop.

Do you know when you are allowed to catch the various fish? This calendar gives you an overview of when you have optimum conditions for catching the different species of fish.