To mænd sejler i kajak på Gudenåen

Kayaking on Horsens Fjord

The beautiful Horsens Fjord with its calm waters and cosy islands is the perfect location for sea kayaking. Rent a kayak and feel the breeze on your face. Or try kayaking on Gudenåen, the only river in Denmark.

Become one with nature on one of Denmark’s most beautiful fjords

Horsens Fjord is one of Denmark's most beautiful inlets with ideal conditions for sailing kayaks.

You will experience diverse nature with forest, fields and islands as well as urban life at the harbour in Horsens. Experience the maritime surroundings by the islands Hjarnø and Alrø and the harbour town Snaptun on the southside of the inlet.

A trip in a kayak can be an immersed and peaceful experience which also lets you exercise while giving you the opportunity to raise your pulse. Unlike the canoe, you paddle your kayak on your own and are able to fully enjoy nature.  

Kayaking in the sunset on the inlet Horsens Fjord

Rent a kayak and go out on an adventure

You can rent a sea kayak for two hours, four hours or a whole day from Horsens City Camping at Husodde Strand. You can launch the kayak from the camp site, so trying out kayaking could not be any easier.

Blå Flag og legeplads ved Husodde Strand i Horsens

Rent a kayak at Horsens City Camping

Go around the fjord

Horsens Fjord offers a rich bird and plant life, dense forest areas and a costal landscape with shallow water, several good bathing beaches as well as the islands Vorsø, Alrø and Hjarnø. You might even be lucky enough to see seals and harbour porpoise on your way.  

We recommend a trip of 44 kilometres, which can easily be split up into various stages.

Husodde Strand-Brigsted 7,5 kilometres
Brigsted-Sondrup 9 kilometres
Sondrup-Snaptun 9 kilometres
Snaptun-Horsens Lystbådehavn 15,5 kilometres
Horsens Marina-Husodde Strand 3 kilometres


A trip in a kayak can be an immersed and peaceful experience which also lets you exercise while giving you the opportunity to raise your pulse.

Cykelfærgen Alrø-Snaptun sejler på Horsens Fjord

The kayaking route around Horsens Fjord

Are you new to kayaking?

Before going on the water for the first time, you should be aware of several things. 

You should never venture on the water alone if you have no experience. Bring an experienced kayaker along. Contact Horsens Kajakklub and attend a course where you learn the basics. Naturally, you need to be able to steer the kayak but, even more important, you must be able to exit the kayak if it keels over and get back into it again. 

Also, you should always check the weather forecast and pick a day of calm weather and seas. For these reasons, the summer period is the perfect time for newbies.


Also, try your hand at kayaking on Gudenåen

Kayaking on Gudenåen is an entirely differently calm experience.

The seagulls are replaced by kingfishers while you kayak through some of Denmark’s most beautiful nature. Danmark’s only river traverses the Horsens area and, if you bring a kayak, you can launch it at Brædstrup and kayak to the impressive Ice Age landscape around Klostermølle and Sukkertoppen. Alternatively, you can rent a kayak from Tørring Kanoudlejning and go north to Klostermølle over a couple of days.