Familie på fire står ved Gudenåen og fisker

Fishing in Horsens streams

The Horsens area has a large network of streams where you can fish. You can fish in Danmark’s only river, Gudenåen, or caste your line in one of the many streams with outlets into Horsens Fjord. 

Great fishing experiences along the most beautiful stretch of Gudenåen

In the area south of Mossø in the hilly, wooded Bakkelandet, you can relax in scenic surroundings and fish in the most beautiful part of Gudenåen. The area is characterised by a large presence of grayling, but it is also possible to catch river trout.

NOTE: The grayling is protected from Tørring to Åstedbro and must be returned when caught.

Along Gudenåen from Tørring to Klostermølle there are several fishing associations that have the fishing rights in various stretches of Gudenåen. Horsens og Omegns Sportsfiskerforening have two stretches at Gammelstrup near the Uncovered Bridge and at Åstedbro. Learn more on their website. 

Par fisker ved Gudenåen

Streams with outlets into Horsens Fjord

Gudenåen is not the only stream worth a visit for fishermen. There are several lakes in the area around Horsens which are suited for fishing. Several streams have outflow in Horsens Fjord, from where it is possible to fish.

Bygholm Stream

Bygholm Stream is located quite close to Horsens city centre in the area west of Bygholm Lake.

This area has a large presence of river and sea trout but, with a little luck, you may also catch eels, bream, pike, roach and rainbow trout.

The area along the stream is home to a lot of game, mice and herons.

Please be aware that fishing in Bygholm Å requires membership of Horsens og Omegns Sportsfiskerforening. 

Mand står og fisker ved Gudenåen
Fisk svømmer under vandet i Gudenåen

Store Hansted Å and Lille Hansted Å

Another excellent stream for fishing is Store Hansted Å which traverses a larger meadow area, the four meadows, to the wildlife reserve of Nørrestrand.

The stream is shallow in several places and may seem dull, but appearances are deceptive. There is plenty of fish in the stream - eel, pike, brook trout, sea trout and perch.

Also the branch Lille Hansted Å is good for fishing. The stream traverses the very beautiful Hansted Forest, but fishing here is reserved for members of Horsens og Omegns Sporstfiskerforening.

Good to know about fishing in streams

Is the fish on your hook too small for you to take it home? Through this conservation calculator you can check whether the fish should be returned to may be kept.
You can also view calendars for minimum measurements on the website of the Danish Fisheries Agency.

Effektlageret has all fishing tackle imaginable. Visit their shop at Høegh Guldbergsgade in Horsens or their web shop.

The national fishing license is administered by the Danish Fisheries Agency. On their website, you can buy the fishing licence which permits you to fish throughout the country. You can choose to buy a fishing licence for a day, a week or a whole year.

Do you know when you are allowed to catch the various fish? This calendar gives you an overview of when you have optimum conditions for catching the different species of fish.

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