Fiskeri ved Boller Mole

Fishing in the fjord and the sea near Horsens

Photo: Jan Karnøe

The Horsens area offers plenty of coastline, suited for coastal fishing. Both the northern and the southern coastlines of Horsens Fjord have many good spots for fishing and there are also several accessible islands in the fjord. 

Horsens Fjord is the perfect place for a good catch

The beautiful Horsens Fjord has a twisty coastline that changes direction in many places. This means that many coastal areas are hotspots with particularly good chances of a catch. The fjord is also home to the islands of Alrø and Hjarnø, where you can easily pick a fishing spot based on both wind and weather conditions as well as the direction of the current.

You are permitted to fish along most of the Horsens Fjord coast, apart from a couple of small protected coastal areas.

These are the best fishing places along the coast


Boller Pier

On the south coast of the fjord you can go to Boller Pier which is located near Boller Forest at Boller Castle. Boller Pier is the closest you, as a fisherman, get to the inner fjord of Horsens and is a good fishing place if you use bristle worms for bait. However, please note that fishing is only permitted from the right side of the pier.

Horsens Harbour

In the port of Horsens, you are permitted to fish from the northern side of the inner harbour and eastwards at Horsens Marina

Fishing in Horsens Harbour

Photo: Hanne Nielsen

Alrø and Hjarnø 

In Horsens Fjord, you find the two islands Alrø and Hjarnø lying side by side. As these two islands take up most of the width of the fjord, there is a narrow fairway into Horsens and, for this reason, there is also a high concentration of fish.

At this entrance the point of Alrø is a popular hotspot. However, tread carefully as there is a deep channel just off the coastline. In spring, by the embankment, you may be lucky to catch sea trout and needlefish. That time of year, you may also spot porpoises which are most often spotted on the western side of Alrø.

Brakør Forest

On the northern side of Horsens Fjord there are several excellent fishing spots. In Strandparken at the old public baths, there are good odds of a catch during spring.

And further east by the woods at Stensballe, finding a quiet spot is easy. Brakør Forest is a popular spot, just like the peninsula Troensø is an obvious fishing spot which also provides excellent views of the fjord and the islands. 

Do not fish from the beaches Langelinie andHusodde Strand, which are both popular spots for bathing.

Borre Knob

Borre Knob is located on the southern side of the fjord and is a long, narrow peninsula that extends well into the fjord. You can fish from both sides of Borre Knob, but the tip is especially attractive to anglers as it is located in the narrow fairway between Borre Knob and Hjarnø with a large concentration of fish.

Tip: The western side of Borre Knob is a hotspot for sandworms. This means that you can dig for your own live bait. However, generally, the chances of catching something in the fjord are greater when using flies and lures.

Another good place to fish is found on the southern side of the fjord at the beach north of Sejet, not far from Boller Forest. 

Endelave – fishing in Kattegat

If you prefer fishing in the open sea, the coastline of Endelave is a good bet.

The ferry ride to Endelave takes an hour, but then you also stand a good chance of catching flounders, mackerel, sea trout and much more. Catching shrimp is also a popular island pastime and the youngest family members can try their hand at catching crabs in the island port. Endelave offers significant experiences, so going to the island on a fishing trip may be advantageously combined with a short break.

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