Familie sejler i i kano på Gudenåen

Canoeing on the river Gudenåen

Taking a nice trip in a canoe on the river Gudenåen is an ideal way to experience the beautiful landscape around Horsens. Gudenåen is Denmark’s longest stream and is more than 150 km long.

Experience the most beautiful part of the river Gudenåen

Gudenåen is some of Danmark’s most beautiful nature. And there is no better way of experiencing it than in a canoe with your friends or family. 

There is ample opportunity to stop along the river and enjoy the local nature or stay the night before continuing. For example, go to Voervadsbro and stock up on delicious local produce in Sdr. Vissing Torvehal and the smoke house Det lille Røgeri.

Or go to the enchanting Klostermølle where you can drive all the way down to Gudenåen and put out canoes and kayaks.

Stretch your legs and go for a walk up to the vista point Sukkertoppen where you will be rewarded with stunning views of Mossø, Gudenåen and parts of what is known as Søhøjlandet or the Danish Lakeland.

At Klostermølle you can spend the night in the open air. The story of the place is amazingly exciting. For example, visit Tørreladen which belonged to the local paper factory and read stories about the mill, Møllen, and much more.

I sommeren 2021 er der på strækningen mellem Tørring og Klostermølle indsat en bus, som samler kanofarende op ved områdets kanolejrpladser og campingpladser langs med Gudenåen. Dette er din mulighed for at sejle med strømmen og blive transporteret tilbage til startstedet for din rejse.

You can go canoeing or kayaking at Klostermølle

From Klostermøllevej you can drive down a new gravel road at the driveway to Klostermølle to the part of Gudenåen which was dug as a canal by the monks in the 1200s.

The channel is the part of Gudenåen that is used for sailing today and is also known as The Forced Stream.

At the turning point you can unload canoes and kayaks and then park the car in the parking lot at the old truck garage at Klostermøllevej only approx. 100 meters from the point of unloading.

You are not permitted to sail against the current on Gudenåen between Tørring and Klostermølle but, if you come from Mossø, you are permitted to canoe or kayak against the current on The Forced Stream on the short distance from the camp site to the point of unloading.

From the point of unloading you may also pull up vessel and pick it up by car.

You are permitted to sail on Gudenåen from 16 June to 31 December.

Here you can rent canoes

Lær at sejle i kano

Outdoor Connection tilbyder kurser i kanosejlads på Gudenåen. Hvis du er nybegynder og gerne vil lære de forskellige teknikker, så har du muligheden i de smukke omgivelser ved Emborg Bro. 

Du kan også komme på guidede ture med Outdoor Connections erfarne guide. Der afholdes ture for både begyndere og øvede - både endagsture og udflugter over flere dage med overnatning i det fri og hygge ved bålet. 

Also, try canoeing on Bygholm Lake

Bygholm Lake which is a scenic area near the city is a well-loved attraction for hikers, joggers and cyclists. However, it is also possible to experience the area from a canoe.

You can rent a canoe from the beautifully located Bygholm Lake Camping and enjoy some quiet time in the beautiful surroundings.

Rent a canoe from Bygholm Sø Camping

Questions and answers on canoeing

Gudenåen is all of 150 kilometres long. It springs from Tørring to the south and continues northwards to Randers. At the stretch near Horsens, distances are as follows:

Tørring – Åstedbro: 15 kilometres
Åstedbro – Brestenbro: 6 kilometres
Brestenbro – Vestbirk Vandkraftstation: 7 kilometres
Vestbirk Vandkraftstation – Voervadsbro: 7 kilometres
Voervadsbro – Klostermølle/Mossø: 6 kilometres
Klostermølle – Ry: 10 kilometres

Sailing is only permitted on the stretch from Tørring to Klostermølle/Mossø during the period from 16 June to 31 December. You are allowed to sail in a private canoe or a kayak, if you have a valid permit. You may register via If you rent a canoe or a kayak, you do not have to worry about registering. The rental place has that in hand.

Naturally, if you are preparing a canoeing holiday, it is nice to know how many days you need to spend on the journey. A day trip in a canoe is about 15-20 kilometres.

There is room for two adults in a canoe. If you have two children (max. 30 kilo), there is also room for them.

Yes. You are not allowed to sail upstream from Klostermølle to Tørring. Therefore, you must follow Gudenåen northward. Sailing downstream is also a bit nicer. 

Would you like to try your skills at sea kayaking?

Kayaking in the sunset on the inlet Horsens Fjord

Rent a sea kayak from Horsens City Camping