Tre personer rider på heste i skoven ved Gudenåen

Outdoor and activities in nature near Horsens

This will raise your pulse – and provide you with top-class experiences

Do you have trouble letting go of thoughts of laundry, colleagues, work and two-do lists?

Even if you really should take time off?

Nothing beats an active day trip or holiday in nature. Your brain gets the most rest when you are physically active and spending time in nature is demonstrably beneficial to your mental health.

If you are looking for fun outdoor activities, Horsens is a great choice.

It is the gift that continues to give. You can show your children how much they are capable of when you solve challenges in nature together.

See routes in the nature near Horsens

Par går på sti ved Sukkertoppen nær Horsens

Follow routes via VisitHorsens’ digital map (Google Maps)

Also experience

Familie sejler i i kano på Gudenåen

Experiences on the river Gudenåen

Et par sidder og nyder udsigten over Horsens Fjord

Around Horsens Fjord

Langhornet ko står i græsset ved Nørrestrand i Horsens

Scenic areas