The most popular nature experiences

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Canoeing on the most beautiful part of the river Gudenåen, visiting The Uncovered Bridge and experiencing the genuine island atmosphere of Endelave are just some of the unforgettable experiences that await you in the nature around Horsens.

Horsens has many nature experiences on offer

Have you considered that it is not just beautiful to look at and nice to be in?
The nature also helps you find your way back to yourself, find time with your family, and find that peace which it is so hard to find the time for in a busy everyday with a full calendar. Being in nature actually even boosts your ability to concentrate and reduces stress levels in both children and adults.

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Try it yourself. Unwind while the current takes you up the river Gudenåen.

Take our recommendations for hiking routes or bicycling routes and experience the varying, beautiful landscape close up.

Get closer to your partner as you finally take the time and space for conversation, togetherness and presence.

Enjoy the simplicity of island life as you catch your own reflection in the clear waters of the islands of Endelave and Alrø.

Or watch the joy in the eyes of your children as they catch their first fish.

This page invites you to explore our guides for nature experiences at all levels.

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VisitHorsens recommends

The island Endelave is a small gem

Here, you will find everything worth knowing about the island of Endelave. Great tips for activities and experiences in town and nature as well as the best places to eat and spend the night.

Scenic Horsens areas

In Horsens, you are never far away from nature. Beautiful and unspoiled nature resorts that invite you to play, to be active and to relax are dotted across the city and the surrounding area. Take a break and get in touch with nature – wherever you are.

Outdoor and activities in nature near Horsens

Active holidays and leisure time equal quality time, presence and shared experiences and in the area around Horsens you will find many ways to be physically active in nature – both at the light and the heavy end of the spectrum.

Around Horsens Fjord: Home of the new Fjordmino Route

We promise you that, around Horsens Fjord, you can find experiences that appeal to most people. Horsens Fjord is synonymous with sailing, cycling holidays, nature, fresh air and much more. Actually, the hardest part is choosing between them.

Experiences on the river Gudenåen

In Tinnet Krat south of Horsens, a spring trickles from the ground. This is the spring of Denmark’s longest watercourse – Gudenåen. The most beautiful stretch, by far, starts west of Horsens from Åstedbro to the south, past Voervadsbro to Klostermølle and Mossø to the north.

The Uncovered Bridge (Den Genfundne Bro)

Experience beautiful engineering from 1899 at The Uncovered Bridge This unique tourist attraction for the whole family was hidden within a dam str...

The Sugar Loaf (Sukkertoppen)

In wooded terrain lies one of Denmark’s largest hills; The Sugar Loaf (Sukkertoppen) with a magnificent view of the beautiful nature of the Danish Lak...

Langelinie City Beach

Only 2 km from the pedestrian street, you find Langelinie Town Beach, the area’s newest recreational beach and one of the popular gathering places in ...

This is how to have a good island holiday near Horsens

The Horsens area has some of the country’s nicest islands with some of the most abundant nature. At the same time, the islands are so different and ea...

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