The Nature Trail is the nerve of Bakkelandet

Photo: VisitHorsens

The old railway generated life and growth in Bakkelandet. Today, it is a popular nature path and the nerve, leading you out into the area. Hop on your bicycle and cycle the 61 km in one day or spend the night along the way. Let this page provide you with inspiration for the trip.

Double European Champion on tour

Julie Leth is a double European Champion in track racing and she has cycled along The Nature Trail. Watch the video below.

Watch as double European Champion in track racing, Julie Leth, cycles along The Nature Trail

Photo: VisitHorsens

Spend the night in shelters along the way


In the beautiful scenery northwest of Brædstrup you will find this cosy base for outdoor activity. At Holmely, you can sleep in the open air in a tent...

Campsite west of Brædstrup

Tent site west of Brædstrup Tent site west of Brædstrup

Shelter site in Lundum

Shelter located by the nature trail Horsens-Silkeborg near the town of Lundum. The trail is divided into two sides – one with gravel for riders and on...

Campsite near Brædstrup

Brædstrup tent site is located next to The Nature Trail Horsens-Silkeborg - right by Trædenvej. It is free to stay the night at the tent site and t...

Read the history of The Nature Trail and the old railway line

Photo: Jonas Høgholdt