There are lots of experiences around Horsens Fjord.

Around Horsens Fjord: Home of the new Fjordmino Route

We promise you that, around Horsens Fjord, you can find experiences that appeal to most people. Horsens Fjord is synonymous with sailing, cycling holidays, nature, fresh air and much more. Actually, the hardest part is choosing between them.

Get ready for the new Fjordmino Route in Denmark

Escape to the Danish countryside and take a two-wheel tour of the Fjordmino, a new cycling and hiking route, which will officially open in the coming years.

The new 52km circular hiking or cycling route around Horsens Fjord goes through forests, fields and villages, as well as along beaches. Circling back to the charming town of Horsens. For details of the route see this map.


Guide to great experiences around the fjord

Soft sand, sun and saltwater and a range of alluring temptations in the city.

The centre of Horsens is right on the fjord, only a few hundred metres from a lovely marina.

In the summer season, you can even cross the fjord on the small bicycle ferry.

We suggest the following experiences, in the area around Horsens Fjord, which you must not miss.

Par vandrer ved Horsens Fjord

Take a cooooosy hike around the fjord

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Nature experiences

Stay active in the beautiful nature around Horsens Fjord or go island hopping to one of the beautiful gems of the East Jutland archipelago.


Surfing and kayaking

Horsens Fjord is a beautiful area for water sports like kayaking and surfing. On the island of Alrø, the conditions are especially good for kite and windsurfing.
There are several ways of staying overnight in shelters and at campsites on the shores of the fjord.

Et par sidder og nyder udsigten over Horsens Fjord
Windsurfing ved Horsens Fjord

The Planet Path

Take a stroll through the solar system along The Planet Path. Horsens Astronomical Association has built a 3 km long path from Høegh Guldbergs Gade in Horsens to Fiskerhuset near Boller Manor which illustrates the solar system scaled to 1: 1498 million. From the path, there are fantastic views of Horsens Fjord.

Boller Slot og voldgrav

The Planet Path

Activities near the fjord


Coastal fishing

In several areas of Horsens Fjord, you can catch sea trout and rainbow trout and, in the summer months, also needlefish and mullet. And, in Horsens Harbour, you can catch herring and flatfish, amongst others.

On the northern shore and in the innermost part of the fjord, the waters are so shallow that waders are necessary. Tread with caution as the conditions on the bottom and the current may be dangerous in several areas.
Also, keep in mind the current conservation areas (see the map).

If you are between 18 and 65 years old, you must have a valid state-issued fishing licence which you can buy at, at Horsens City Camping or at Effektlageret which also has a wide range of fishing gear.

Mand fisker ved kysten på Endelave

Coastal fishing

Food & drink

Anretning hos Korning Kro
Ikon: Dansk mad

Danish food

Anretning med fisk hos Restaurant Gasfabrikken i Horsens

Gourmet experiences

Anretning med laks hos Restaurant Vrads Station
Ikon: Restauranter


Burger med pommes frites hos Café Gran i Horsens
Ikon: Cafeer og kaffesteder