Five historic nature experiences in Bakkelandet

Photo: Hanne Nielsen

Experience history in the beautiful Bakkelandet nature. You can visit and old airfield which was occupied by the Germans during WWII. You can also visit The Uncovered Bridge. Go on a guided tour and learn about history as if it had just happened.

Guided tours for those who would like to know more

Canoe and bike rental for your trip

Photo: Hanne Nielsen

Sleep like kings and queens in Bakkelandet

Hotel or tent? Camping or Bed & Breakfast? Whether you prefer spending your holiday in nature or at a hotel, Bakkelandet near Horsens has something for everyone. Get an overview of the various choices of accommodation.

Satisfy your hunger in Bakkelandet

Make your trip complete. Taste the local specialties. Here, you can enjoy everything from smoked-at-home salmon to fresh European-inspired dishes.