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Guide to free fun in Horsens

Everyone is entitled to good experiences. Also when it is the end of the month and the costs of the holiday have gotten a bit out of hand. We guide you to fun activities in Horsens, that will not cost you a penny nor an arm or a leg.

The piggy bank is empty while the desire for adventure remains great?

The perfect trip to the forest requires nothing but the courage to let go of planned life, go on an adventure and leave the cashmere in the cupboard. In addition, you have the parks, the green boltholes, the hiking and cycling routes along the river Gudenåen and much more. And children have free access to several museums.

Whether you are looking for fun, action, romance or history – Well, Horsens has something to offer you. Here is our guide to free experiences in Horsens, where the whole family can join.

All-year free events

How well do you really know Horsens? Being the persistent venue for major concerts and mega events has put the city on the cultural map, but the city is much more than a concert venue for great world stars. All year, but especially during the summer months, you can find a whole host of bigger and smaller events as well as free events in our calendar.

For example, FÆNGSLET hosts the Horsens Medieval Festival each year in August. At the festival, you feel transported to another time while walking around hundreds of stalls and being entertained by horse tournaments.

If you are into theatre, visit the Horsens Theatre Festival which annually puts on more than 80 free performances.

Parks with playgrounds

In the beautiful Palsgaard Slotspark, one of Denmark’s largest manor parks, you find many rare species of trees, fascinating sculptures and a charming old castle.

A few hundred metres from the pedestrianised area, Bygholm Park provides a break from the city centre’s lively activity. The old manor park is a good starting point for a short walk with its many paths.

The popular playground includes a disc golf course, an orienteering trail, a petanque court and a picnic area. The children can romp around the maze or play on the slides and much more while the adults enjoy a quiet moment or participate in the fun and games themselves.

aroline Amalie Lund – colloquially referred to as “Lunden” – also has a good playground and Vitus Bering Park – named after the famous Horsens explorer – where you can see the two cannons from Vitus Bering’s ship.

Outside of Horsens, Boller Castle Gardens with its Asian-inspired garden and 1000-year-old beech are also worth a visit.

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Langhornet ko står i græsset ved Nørrestrand i Horsens

Nature areas

Bicycling and hiking routes

No-one charges you for staying outdoors in nature. And thankfully so! Horsens has a great number of lovely nature areas near the city with hiking and cycling routes. And outside the city, you will find long routes in secluded nature where you can really escape the stress and hurry of everyday living.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Horsens is The Uncovered Bridge. This bridge from 1899 which, until recently, was buried in a dam is found on the Nature Path Horsens-Silkeborg, an old, tarmacked railway line in beautiful surroundings. At The Uncovered Bridge, it is possible to join free guided tours on the local history, culture and nature.

Whether you want to walk two kilometres in the park with your family on a Sunday afternoon or put on your walking shoes, walk the entire day and spend the night in a shelter, Horsens has a route to suit you.

Follow the routes on VisitHorsens' digital map (Google Maps).

Par vandrer ved Horsens Fjord

Hiking routes

Cycling routes

Around Horsens Fjord

Get to know Horsens: This is where you find local galleries and beautiful architecture

There are also free experiences waiting for you in the city.

If you are interested in art, you can visit one of the many local galleries. For example, pay a visit to Galleri Gasværk which is located at Denmark’s Industrial Museum. Gallery Gasværk is an artistic community and it is possible to study the artists while they are working, or view finished works such as paintings, collages, glass craft and jewellery.

Also, visit the 1,800 square-metre-large Galleri Brænderigården which exhibits a wide range of sculptures and paintings. Or visit Kvist Galleri & Interiør which – besides the sale of handicrafts – also exhibits paintings and lithographs.

Art may also be experience outdoors in Horsens. Horsens focuses on making art available through street art which can be enjoyed on gables and house ends as well as street art at several locations throughout the city. There are also a fair number of sculptures made by renowned artists in the streets, adding life and play to the cosy city centre.

In Søndergade, you do not need to spend money to feel entertained. When walking along Denmark’s widest pedestrianised street, we recommend that you keep your head up. Note the architectural details that characterise the old buildings. While you look up above normal eye level, you can leave your children to jump on the street trampolines or play on the musical swings at the Town Square.

Do you feel the need to immerse yourself? At the Libraries of Horsens Municipality, you find magazines, reading material, music, games and movies. This is a place where you can also sit and relax with the newspaper or participate in free talks and events.

Children have free access to all museums in Horsens

Of course, not all experiences and attractions in Horsens are free, but young families can actually save a fair bit. Children under the age of 18 have free access to all Horsens museums. So, take the young ones to the Prison Museum and have a truly unique, educational and authentic experience in the old Horsens State Penitentiary, now known as FÆNGSLET.

Also, visit Denmark’s Industrial Museum. Here, you can learn about the development of industry and society, see the big, old machines and learn about how our grandparents and great-grandparents lived in the olden days.

A free experience for the entire family could also be a visit to Horsens Museum in Caroline Amalie Lund, where you can learn more about the local history, view exhibitions with prehistoric finds and medieval finds and learn more about the proud son of the city, the explorer Vitus Bering. If you prefer to look at beautiful works of art, the park is also home to Horsens Art Museum which specialises in contemporary Danish art.

Admission for children is free at the living museum Glud Museum. And in Ring near Brædstrup, you can visit Poul and his large, private collection of fossils, jewellery and petroglyphs which are several thousand – yes, some items actually millions – of years old. Poul is pleased to welcome both children and adults – and for free.

4 tickets – a good price

Spending the night outside

Overnight accommodation is often the most expensive post when taking a journey but, also in this respect, you find free alternatives in Horsens under the starry sky. Staying overnight in shelters and at tent camps is becoming increasingly popular and that is understandable – it is really nice to spend the night outdoors and it is quite harmless to sleep outside at night. We have neither dangerous bears nor bogeymen.

Try sleeping outside at night

More inspiration for a cheap holiday?

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