Experiences at The Uncovered Bridge

The Uncovered Bridge is located in a scenic area to the north-west of Horsens and is visited by more than 100,000 from both Denmark and abroad. However, the beautiful Bakkelandet around Den Genfundne Bro invites to many experiences which you should consider when you are there.

Guide to other activities in Bakkelandet

The Uncovered Bridge was originally built in 1899 as part of a railway line connecting Horsens and Bryrup. At the inauguration, it was the highest bridge in the Nordic Region.

That is why, today, you almost feel transported to the Wild West when walking, running or cycling across the gorge while enjoying the magnificent view of the rushing river Gudenåen.

In the area, you find tables and benches, a paddock for horses and good chances of spotting dippers and kingfishers.

And not too far away, the town of Brædstrup is found as well as many other activities, eateries and cosy places offering accommodation. There are also good nature trails that you can experience on foot, by bike or on horseback.

For these reasons, we recommend that you set aside some time for other experiences when visiting The Uncovered Bridge.


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Bicycle and hiking routes

We recommend a trip along The Nature Trail Horsens-Silkeborg which crosses Den Genfundne Bro. Moreover, there are several other beautiful routes in local nature.

Visit The Uncovered Bridge

For 85 years, The Uncovered Bridge was hidden away in the Jutland soil, until 2014 when the bridge was uncovered and restored.

Today, the bridge is a national cultural treasure, is 50 metres long and just under 14 metres high.

It is located on The Horsens-Silkeborg Nature Trail which is not far from Gammelstrup Station.

Find The Uncovered Bridge

The parking address is Vestbirkvej 2A, 8740 Brædstrup.

It is important to type Brædstrup if you are using a GPS.

Said about The Uncovered Bridge

The Uncovered Bridge is one very impressive piece of architecture, at the back of beyond and surrounded by vigorous nature.

The cycle path from Horsens to Silkeborg is ideal for young families like ours, as there are no cars and because the nature is lovely.

There are good shelters along the way. The children think that it is great fun to cycle past all the fruit trees along the way, because we were once told that they are from the time when there was still a train service using the rails and people threw apple cores out of the windows.

Seniors eating lunch by The Uncovered Bridge

Watch the video: Guide to how the bridge was covered and uncovered

Nip to Horsens

Located only 20 kilometres from The Uncovered Bridge, Horsens offers a wealth of activities.

See also our guides for bicycling routes, hiking routes, eateries and accommodation in Horsens.

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