Dog friendly holiday in Horsens

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Every dog-owner knows the trouble of finding dog-sitting when we are going on holiday. But why not bring your dog? It is a whole lot nicer when the entire family can enjoy a holiday together – including the four-legged family member.

Good conditions on the holiday for man’s best friend

There is no reason to feel limited during the holiday just because you want to bring man’s best friend with you. In Horsens, there are several accomodation offers and attractions more than happy to invite your dogs to come inside. Everyone, from hotels and hostels to camp sites and bed & breakfasts, permits dogs in the rooms.

Always make sure to contact the accomodation in advance, so they can find the right room for you and your dog, where the most tempting biting objects have been removed.

Most often you must pay a cleaning fee or a deposit in case the dog accidently breaks something.

Dog-friendly overnight accommodation

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Private accommodation

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Nature camps

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Bring your dog to the beach

On a warm summer day, there is nothing better than letting Spotty or Buddy cool down in the ocean. The majority of beaches or bathing lakes have no restrictions regarding where you can stay when you bring the dog. The exception is the Blue Flag beaches. There are special requirements that must be met in order for a beach to get the European seal of approval.

Therefore, you are not allowed to stay on blue flag beaches with your dog. You are allowed to let your dog pass through a Blue Flag area on a leash, but not through the water. The restrictions only count for a limited area, though.

In Horsens, Husodde Beach is a Blue Flag area. Here, you are not allowed to stay with your dog, but further away from the Blue Flag there are no restrictions. The personnel at Horsens City Camping can inform you where you can stay with your dog.

Beaches and bathing lakes near Horsens

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Dog forests

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