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Plenty to do from dawn to dusk

Plenty to do from dawn to dusk

In Horsens, there is always something to do. Here, we have gathered the many local experiences and activities as well as inspiration for what to do while you are here.

What would you like to do on your next visit?



FÆNGSLET in Horsens from outside with barbed wire on the wall.


The Uncovered Bridge

Adventures in all kinds of weather

Whether you prefer shopping, culture or activities that raise your pulse – Horsens combines urban life, welcoming streets and parks with the calm and beautiful nature of the province.

The city is full of adventures all year round, on rainy days, during the cold of winter and when the sun is shining from a clear sky.

Par vandrer ved Horsens Fjord

Video: Horsens Fjord at a quick pace

Par vandrer på Sukkertoppen ved solnedgang


Populare experiences

The possibilities are there, for both relaxation, activities for children and active holidaying with walks in fresh air, canoeing along the most beautiful part of the river Gudenåen as well as cycling and sailing with the bicycle ferry between Alrø and Snaptun.

The best guides

Activities, entertainment and events for young and old (including free fun) are suited for both your family holiday and your adventure with your sweetheart or spouse.

Three quick ones for big and small


The coast

Endelave færgen sejler ved solnedgang

Island hopping

When will you visit?

Krokus i græsset i Caroline Amalie Lund i Horsens
Ikon: Forår


Det blå flag ved Husodde Strand
Ikon: Sommer


Efterår i skoven ved Horsens
Ikon: Efterår


FÆNGSLET i Horsens dækket af sne
Ikon: Winter