Robåd ligger på stranden med Endelave Kirke i baggrunden

Churches in Horsens

There are not many places where history has been cared for and preserved to the extent that it has been in the churches. In the Horsens vicinity, there are a great number of village churches spread around the countryside.

If the walls could talk...

A short distance outside of Lund, you find Danmarks largest village church, Tamdrup Kirke. The church is unique in itself because of its characteristic size which meant that it required great wealth to build. The church is built in an area with no other buildings and this remains true to this day. Tamdrup Kirke appears as impressively big in an area characterised by agricultural land. Inside the church, you can see the oldest frescos in Danmark, dating back to about 1125 AD. 

When taking the beautiful trip around the wildlife preserve of Nørrestrand, you pass the church Vær Kirke. In the old Medieval church, you can see the graves of the famous Chancellor Peder Griffenfeld, who was sentenced to death for treason, and of baron Frederik Krag.

In Tyrsted, which today is a part of Horsens, you can see the grave of the pilgrim Peder Kæller. Tyrsted Kirke, which dates from the 1100s, is therefore often used as the start of the pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Vær Kirke nær Horsens på en solskinsdag

Overview of villages churches near Horsens

The historical heart of the city

In the centre of Horsens, you find two churches which are imbued with history and which have played a part in forming the Horsens we know today. The histories of both Vor Frelsers Kirke and Klosterkirken date back to the 1200s.

Klosterkirken was originally built as a Franciscan monastery. However, in line with Protestantism making inroads in Danmark, the monks were thrown out in 1532 and the church became the new parish church of the city. Until then, the churches had represented each their own branch of Christianity. The churches have been rebuilt several times and therefore contain art from various historical periods. When you stand on the square, Torvet, in Horsens at Vor Frelser Kirke, you can easily imagine how the city has been constructed around this particular spot.

Overview of churches in Horsens