Kunstneren Phuc van Dang maler på en båd i Horsens

Here you can find art in Horsens

If you are looking for new inspiration and exciting sensory impressions, Horsens offers up a wide range of art.
You can find artful sculptures, colourful street art on walls, sides and gables of buildings and on silos at the art museum and at the local galleries.

Art at the museum

Sense what effect the art has on you – let yourself be surprised, impressed, provoked and fascinated. The largest and most famous star in the Horsens art sky is Horsens Art Museum, which impresses and inspires with a varied selection of contemporary Danish art.

At the museum, you will find works by Ib Braase, Bjørn Nørgaard and the son of the city, Michael Kvium, who has a room at the museum dedicated to him. The Horsens Art Museum hosts events on an ongoing basis at which children and adults may explore and learn more about the current exhibitions.

Michael Kvium is a horribly important Horsens artist

One of Denmark’s most renowned visual artists, Michael Kvium, came from Horsens. Since the mid-80s, Kvium has impressed and outraged Danish and foreign viewers of art with the equal share of humour and seriousness in his paintings. Therefore, forming an opinion of his art is not difficult and that is exactly part of the fascination.

Find inspiration for ways of understanding the person and the artist Michael Kvium below.

Experience street art and cityscape art

Are you passionate about art but would like to enjoy the weather or do you simply prefer something a little less Establishment?

Then street art may be just the thing for you. A walk through the streets of Horsens can suddenly turn into an artistic journey providing exciting and unexpected impressions. You may experience sculptures created by Christian Lemmerz, Bjørn Nørgaard and Horsens’ own Michael Kvium + more than 30 works of art by the world’s leading street art artists.  Among others, you may find works by:

  • SWET71
  • Millo
  • Mr. Woodland
  • Jacoba
  • Phuc Van Dang
  • Bogdan Scutaru 
  • Daniel van der Noon
  • Pøbel
  • Peter Birk

Street art is not necessarily confined to large, colourful street paintings. It may also be posters, graffiti and stickers in the cityscape and in public places where you least expect it.

Explore and sense the effect the art has on you – let yourself be surprised, impressed provoked and fascinated.

If you are curious, then come to Horsens and see what the city has to offer you.

At Horsens Art Museum, you can pick up a free booklet which tells you about Horsens sculptures and street art. Below, you can see a selection of what is waiting for you.

The guide to Horsens sculptures and street art may also be downloaded here.

Chifumi, Mælketorvet/Smedegade
Chifumi, Mælketorvet/Smedegade
Andrea Wan, Åboulevarden
Andrea Wan, Åboulevarden
Pøbel, Horsens Havn
Pøbel, Horsens Havn
Michael Kvium, Fussingsvej
Michael Kvium, Fussingsvej

Jacoba, Fugholm