Going on adventures in Bakkelandet

Photo: Jonas Høgholdt

Welcome to some of Denmark’s most beautiful nature where high hills and deep forests make up the landscape. Here, you will find the time to pay attention to your family as well as time for adventures for the adventurous. 

Bakkelandet – the perfect getaway

Venture into the Bakkelandet nature and spend time on your nearest and dearest. Visit the small villages and experience the atmosphere and the friendly locals.

What would you like to do?

Are you into climbing hills or into stories on the nature path? Do not worry – regardless of what you choose, you will enjoy the trip. You will quickly learn that Bakkelandet equals time to be present and near nature.

Seven Summits

Ready for a challenge? Tie up your walking shoes. Now, we will conquer the seven summits of Bakkelandet.

The old railway path: The nerve of Bakkelandet

Spend a day on exploring the history of the railway and experience e.g. The Uncovered Bridge or Bryrup-Vrads Station.

Rest up in Brædstrup – the Bakkelandet stronghold

Photo: Elite Camp Vestbirk


Culinary experiences, accommodation and adventures

Remember your walking shoes, your swimwear and your sunglasses, because there is plenty of opportunity to go hiking or swimming in nature’s own water park.

Det Gamle Posthus

Both the food and the service are top notch when you visit the Old Post Office. They serve culinary experiences inspired by both the Danish and the European cuisines. Enjoy a lunch here or end the day with a nice dinner.

Panorama restaurant, Hotel Pejsegården

Enjoy a culinary dining experience inspired by Danish cuisine. Enjoy your food in a cosy setting overlooking the forests of Bakkelandet. Perfect for d...

Det Lille Røgeri

You simply must try the sumptuous fish buffet or maybe their own hot-smoked salmon. Perfect for a good lunch.

Restaurant Vrads Station

Enjoy fresh, seasonal produce served in a menu inspired by both French and Danish cuisine. Suitable for both lunch and dinner.

Café Sdr. Vissing Torvehallerne

Taste local produce at the small café in Sdr. Vissing. You can enjoy their slow-risen bread and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Pay attention ...

5 historic nature experiences in Bakkelandet

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Outdoor living in Bakkelandet

Find inspiration for getting up your pulse or chilling out completely in Bakkelandet.

A day on Gudenåen

Get help planning your next canoe trip on Gudenåen.

Hidden experiences in Bakkelandet

Here, you find bathing lakes, nature camp sites and much more.

Spend the night like kings and queens in Bakkelandet

Get an overview of overnight accommodation in the open air.